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Go Go Parenting Hacks – Encouraging Words Help Grow Kid’s Self-Esteem

“Don’t touch that!” “Clean up!!” “Why did you do that?!” Being with preschoolers can be challenging at times as you feel like you are constantly telling them “NO”. But is that the best way to handle this frustrating situation?

According to Dr. Cheryl Rode, director of clinical operations at the San Diego Center for Children: “Rewards, including praise, are much more effective than punishment in teaching positive behavior. Children learn more quickly when they have specific feedback about what they are doing well”

Find the time and find a way to give your child sincere praise every day! Don’t know what to say? Here are some of the recommended phrases!


List of Encouraging Words

  • Thank you for your help!
  • You should be proud of yourself!
  • Look at your improvement!
  • Thanks for helping set the table, that made a big difference.
  • I noticed you were really patient with your little brother.
  • What do you think about it?
  • You seem to really enjoy science.
  • Your hard work paid off!
  • That’s a tough one, but you’ll figure it out.
  • I trust your judgment.
  • I love being with you.
  • You really put a smile on her face with your kind words!
  • That’s coming along nicely!
  • That’s a very good observation.
  • Thank you for your cooperation.
  • I see a very thorough job!
  • That’s what we call perseverance!
  • I can tell you really care.
  • You make it look easy!
  • You’ve really got the hang of it!
  • I can tell you spent a lot of time thinking this through.
  • I really feel like a team when we work like this!
  • I can tell you’ve been practicing.
  • Now THAT’S what I call a thorough job! Thanks for picking up your toys.
  • That’s a great effort; don’t worry about that small mistake.
  • You are such a good learner! I’m impressed by your concentration.
  • You’re doing a great job of controlling your anger.
  • I’m so proud to tell people I’m your mom (dad).