Gakken Brainy Workout On-the-Go! Counting Game!

Let’s start 2017 with this counting game. It sounds simple but it is challenging even for adults.
The game is perfect to entertain your child quietly while waiting in the doctor’s office.

1. Warm up your fingers! Spread out your hands and count from 1 to 10. (At this time, right hand and left hand bends the same finger at the same time)
2. Bend your right hand’s thumb.
3. Bend your right hand’s index finger as you bend your left hand’s thumb.
4. As you count to 10, your left finger follows the movement of right fingers.
* Advanced version: Try singing while doing the counting movements.

1. Stimulate your child’s brain as their right hand and left hand will be bending a different finger.
2. Enhance coordination as this is similar to learn playing a musical instrument.

Happy brainy workout!