Gakken Brainy Workout On-the-Go! Chalkboard on the Back!

Let’s have fun by using our body! Ask your child to turn around and use his/her back as a chalkboard. Can they guess what you write on their back?


  1. Think of things you want your child to guess. For example, a shape, a number, a letter or a word.
  2. Dwar the object on the back of your child with your finger
  3. Ask your child to guess the answer

Note: This game can be also played with multiple people. Just have everyone line up one in front of the other. Start the game with the person who is the end of line drawing on the back of the person in front of them. Then that person guesses what it is and then writes an object on back of the person in front of them.


  • Build your child’s concentration

If your child just started learning the alphabets, you can practice while they have fun!

Have a happy brainy workout!